self care luxury gift box

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Check out our available boxes below; please note that the content of our boxes change frequently to give our mamas a variety of items, so if you like what you see, don't delay!

Having your name on something reaffirms that it belongs to you; your self care time belongs to you mama! In light of this, all our boxes at present come with FREE personalisation. Simply enter the name you would like on the inside of the box in the "personalisation" section when buying your box 🧡

Because your self care matters

You Matter

The full works

This self care box contains:

  • A5 notebook

  • Radiance serum

  • Matcha green tea face mask

  • Large affirmation candle

  • Face mask sheet

  • Himalayan salt

  • Large bath bombs

  • Rose soaps

If you tend to write more in your reflections of the day, or you like to have more space for ideas, thoughts poetry, art, then this A5 notebook is plenty for you to really get those words flowing. Fill these pages with whatever comes to mind; use it as your outlet, your heart cry. These pages won't tell a soul, so let it all out mama 🤗

For all our skin care enthusiasts, we have included two face masks and a radiance serum! Get your glow on mama 🌟Our matcha green tea face mask also includes chia seeds; these two powerful combinations help to promote a clear and even complexion amongst other benefits. The radiance glow serum is a lightweight hyaluronic acid and is packed with multivitamins, helping to improve the appearance of wrinkle and to firm skin.

We have not forgotten about bath time!! Included in your self care box are two large bath bombs, Himalayan salt and rose soaps. Why not burn your large affirmation candle whilst relaxing and say some affirmations that you wrote down in your notebook earlier. Relax, unwind and affirm mama!

Special Offer!!

Buy one, get on HALF PRICE

2 boxes for £45 + FREE delivery

You Matter - Single Box


You Matter - Mini Box

Mini but mighty!

This self care box contains:

  • Affirmation candle

  • A6 mini notebook

  • Himalayan salt

  • Mini bath bombs

  • Rose soaps

It's important to have encouraging words around you; we've decided to add affirmations to our candles so while you take in the beautiful aroma, you can also speak life to yourself and remind yourself how amazing you are

In your A6 mini notebook, you can jot down what you're grateful for that day, what you're feeling and what's on your mind generally. Perfectly sized for travelling, this can go on every journey with you.

When the evening hits and you want to have a nice, long soak in the bath, our Himalayan salt will leave you feeling relaxed. Why not throw in a couple mini bath bombs for the win! Our rose soaps not only look super cute in your bathroom, but also leave your hands soft and clean. Alternatively, you could add a couple petals in at your bath time 🌹🛁

Special Offer!!

Buy one, get on HALF PRICE

Two boxes for £30

You Matter Mini - Single Box