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who we are

Mum Life UK was created out of a deep desire to support and connect with mums at different stages of motherhood through constructing a platform which seeks to promote our voices, our stories, rediscover our unique identities and celebrate them. Several scholarly journals and online articles have studied the effects of new motherhood (and during motherhood) and have found many mothers feel lonely and isolated; our aim is to banish these feelings and the issues that come along with them by engaging our mamas and showing them the love that is fully deserved.

Hey mama! I’m Shahinda, the founder of Mum Life UK and I am very happy to welcome you to this site and our community platform. No matter what stage of motherhood you’re in (or pre-motherhood) you are welcome here and you will be met with love and encouragement.

Having been a mother for 10 years and working in schools with close relationships with other mothers, I understand the need for a supportive community and decided to create one to remind us mamas of our identities outside of our roles as parents. It can be easy to lose ourselves in caring for our children, home and family but it’s very important to hold on to who we are and all of the things that make up our individual identities.

Your self care matters

Self care is one of our main focuses at Mum Life UK for our mamas because we understand how this affects our mental health, physical health and general wellbeing. We encourage mamas to make time for themselves each day so they are able to recharge and be at their best for themselves and for their families.

We support you to do this by providing self care luxury gift boxes. Each box is carefully curated to ensure your “me time” is well spent and catered for; you deserve to be pampered mama 🥰

Remember to spread the love to fellow mamas so they can also share the experience; our special 'buy one get one half price' offer is perfect to assist you in doing this.

This site is all about you!

We want to magnify your ideas and opinions because they are important; YOU are important. We support you to do this by having a guest blog which is dedicated entirely to our community and it is open to various topics, many of which are yet to be openly spoken about. We encourage our mamas to be bold and free to discuss topics that are missing from mainstream media; if it affects you, it affects us and we give you an open platform to share your experience.

In addition to this, we support our business mamas with brand awareness and growth as we understand the difficulty in juggling work/life balance. In order to ease the complexity and stress, we offer a free space for products and services to be listed which is open for everyone who accesses our site to see and connect with you and your business. Spaces are limited so join our community today to secure your place and begin to put your mark on this world.

We are also open to community bonding experiences our mamas may want to implement so feel free to send us suggestions through our contact form.

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Oh and one more thing.. #YouAreLoved 🧡 never forget x